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Tonentity Publishing is an independent book & software publishing company located in Honolulu Hawaii. We are in the process of final development, production, and release of our 3 major discoveries in cognitive science.

As a student of drums, piano, guitar, and saxophone at age ten, I began performing in music groups as a vocalist and instrumentalist, including some of my own songs amidst pop-rock cover songs. Continuing study of harmony theory, I began creating this new approach to learning music by ear, which relates the scales of musical harmony to a spectrum of colors. Based on the modal-scales we call this the 'Modary System' of harmony.

During this development, I came across Dr. Edgar Leoni's translation of the quatrains of Michel Nostradamus. It was apparent that the verses would tell a story once put into special sequence. I didn't realize at the time that it would take 23 years to bring us close to understanding his style of writing. We plan to present a final sequence in a book to be titled 'Shattered Story'.

Around the time of finishing those major research projects, we found an entirely new 'Touchfont' system for writing text on touchscreen devices.

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