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Welcome to Tonentity Publishing's internet port. We are now beginning to introduce our two scientific discovery-based products. At present, we are seeking co-owners and other business partners.

The Modary System™ is seeking financing; please [ Stay Tuned ]

Introducing: The Shattered Story

Status: Premier Edition

Introducing: The Modary System

Status: Seeking Partners

The Modary System

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Please consider helping Tonentity Publishing continue to provide innovations in science

and technology, by purchasing Nostra Resolutions, premier edition of Shattered Story.

E-mail Contact: Research & Development, Zach Pendulum Sestili (808) 313-9411

Please provide a detailed e-mail subject. Also for reception of Investor Relations.

Tonentity Publishing is Located in USA: Honolulu, Hawaii, and Atlanta, Georgia.

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